The international JUL brand was created to provide hair stylists with ultimate solutions to improve the quality of life for professionals in the hair and beauty industry.

The brand was developed by a professional, international team of experts and specialists from around the world as well as leading hair stylists. The development team focused on understanding the needs of hair stylists from across the globe and their customers. The aim was to achieve first-class, uncompromising results.

JUL has a comprehensive range of top quality, category focused products that provide a professional solution for all hair types and hair styles. Use of the brand’s products makes it possible to achieve maximum precision when used by a professional hair stylist, but also when used at home by the customer.


For maximum effectiveness, the company's labs combined high-quality components with natural ingredients that work together to help restore, maintain, and care for hair. 


Everything was natural, direct from nature with the goal of giving hair a healthy, well cared for and glowing look. The products’ textures are pleasant to touch and to use. They are packaged in easy-to-use dispensers that ensure optimum dispersion and coverage. The use of products from JUL’s extensive range guarantees perfect hair, hair that is the height of fashion and radiant – like a piece of glittering jewellery.


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