The revolutionary BLASTER hair dryer uses innovative and advanced technologies to dry, straighten and style hair – giving the best results.


BLASTER UK is an international company specializing in the development of innovative technologies that raise the bar of professional hair styling to new heights. Many BLASTER UK products are PATENT PENDING thanks to their use of advanced and unique technologies that provide incomparable results for hair styling and straightening.

The BLASTER UK range of products are a joint British – Israeli development by a team of engineers and product designers, alongside a “Gideon Cosmetics” R&D team (Developers of “Gideon’s Fan”)

The company’s products significantly increase and enhance hair styling and care results both for professional hair stylists and the general public. This is achieved thanks to the revolutionary hair dryer’s ease of use and its use of innovative and advanced technologies to dry, straighten and style the hair thus making possible maximum results. Use of the BLASTER UK hair dryer reduces physical effort by up to 40% and significantly reduces the time required by hair stylists by approximately 50% in comparison to other dryers available in the market today.


The secret of perfect hair is the huge advantage gained when using the BLASTER UK hair dryer thanks to the metal strip installed in its wide nozzle. The result - fast drying, maximum smoothing & straightening, a silky touch, and exceptional shine.


Ergonomic genius - the exact design of the BLASTER UK hair dryer makes work easier for the hairstylist, making it more pleasant and easy. Its unique handle significantly reduces the physical strain and pressure suffered by the user’s wrist.

Environmental sensitivity - thanks to the dryer’s maximum use of outstanding energy efficiency ratings, less time is needed to dry the hair. This results in reduced energy needs; less heat is leaked into the surrounding environment and the risk of environmental harm is greatly lowered.


- A carbon free motor rated for 20,000 operating hours and quiet operation.

- 3 heat levels that can be selected according to hair type and required result.

- A rigid, narrow mouth that focuses the heat and helps style hair roots.

- An innovative, metal mouthpiece (patented) that easily smooths and shines thick hair, reduces volume, closes split ends and is both time and energy efficient.




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