The road to success


Gidon Cosmetics is committed to building market leading brands with policy, value and service that comply with the highest standards for our clients. The brands we market benefit from our proven experience accumulated over the past 50 years. We are unrelenting in our quest for success, innovation and market leadership. For this purpose, we developed a breakthrough marketing platform that helps us build new brands without compromising the market leadership and reputation of our existing brands.


The team that enables our success

We take pride in a unique, high quality work environment which became possible thanks to the expertise and skills of our employees. These special, experienced and professional people transform our aspirations into reality. We believe in teamwork and in the importance of good training for attaining our strategy and goals. 

Reliability, stability and being up-to-date with the industry and the trends are values that guide our business and help us expand into new areas and technologies. We believe that strong heritage and values are the roots that let you grow and explore new horizons while protecting our strong position in a competitive market.